It all started with Canterbury New Zealand sheep farmers Carl and Tori Uren. When their children were born, they made the decision to dress them in natural products and avoid plastic based synthetic garments whenever possible, being farmers they knew all about the amazing qualities of wool. 

It was important to Carl and Tori to dress their four children in merino products because they are quite simply the best thing to wear. In wearing merino wool garments they knew the children would be warm and comfortable throughout the day and night. Tori’s Mother is pretty handy with a sewing machine so she ran them up some cosy merino jerseys.

As the children headed off to school Carl and Tori discovered the children would have to wear synthetic polar fleece garments which they were not keen on, so Pam got the sewing machine out again and whipped up some more jerseys, this time specifically for school. Word got around about the jerseys and soon other like-minded parents wanted them too. So they made a decision to start a business producing merino jerseys in Christchurch New Zealand.

That was 9 years ago, today True Fleece has grown into a brand that produces a range of high performance merino garments for both adults and children that meet the growing demand for natural, sustainable and ethically produced clothing. 

As a brand, we have made conscious decisions all the way along to stay true to what we believe is best for consumers to wear, this has led us to use the best merino wool in the world, ZQ merino, grown by farmers right here in New Zealand. Being able to use this fibre means we can ensure our clothing meets consumer expectations for sustainable practices, from growing the wool right through to continuing to sew all our garments right here in little ol’ Christchurch New Zealand. 

Today True Fleece garments are worn by people all around the world who want to wear a sustainable, natural garment which is designed to perform on any adventure, wherever they are.