Our Story – True Fleece
The brand behind Merino Wool For School
The brand behind Merino Wool For School

Our Story


Our family, Sam, Annabel, Carl, Georgie, Tori and Tom

Hi all, our names are Carl and Tori, we live in Le Bons Bay, which is in the Eastern Bays of Banks Peninsula, NZ. We have been farming in the area for almost 20 years, running a mixture of sheep and cattle on hill country covering more than 2000 hectares, and with four children now in the mix, life is busy!

It all started when our children were little, we made merino garments for our kids to wear to bed and outer layer garments to keep them warm on their first adventures. Then when our children started school there were no affordable merino options available, so we saw a need for a functional merino jersey that school children could wear instead of the synthetic options. We are farmers ourselves and know the value of wool and all it's attributes and feel passionate about giving people an option of wearing a garment that is 100% NZ made.

We are committed to keeping as much of our production process within New Zealand as possible – from the sheep that grow the wool we use, through to the seamstresses that sew our garments right here in Christchurch. The only part of our production that is not carried out in New Zealand is the knitting and dying of the merino fabric, which is done in Vietnam then sent back to us for manufacturing.

Our knitted, NZ grown, merino fabric arrives back the country ready to be cut and sewn by 140 Clothing here in Christchurch, New Zealand. Although there are cheaper ways of making our garments, we feel it is important to produce premium quality garments that we know meet our customers expectations.
We value being able to see our garments made right here under New Zealand working conditions, having direct impact on quality control, and then passing them on to the embroiderers also here in Christchurch to get that part of the process completed, we pride ourselves on providing you with top quality homegrown and sewn merino garments.
New Zealand farmers produce the worlds best merino wool, they grow it with care and passion on the land they love and we are proud to support them. The merino wool we use in our clothing is natural, renewable and 100% biodegradable meaning it is harmless to the environment. As our business grows it is really important to us that we maintain our goal of using wool that is traceable back to the New Zealand merino grower, we want to produce a garment that they are proud to have grown wool for, because without them there would be no Truefleece.

"Merino Wool for School" is now part of the True Fleece merino clothing brand. We are still providing homegrown and sewn merino garments for school children, but have expanded our range to include clothing for adults including merino base layers, hoodies,beanies and adult sized merino 1/4 zip jerseys with options for custom embroidered logos (for sports clubs, businesses and other companies who would like to have branded merino garments).
True Fleece is committed to creating premium quality, affordable, locally grown, merino clothing which is 100% NZ made.

Any questions or queries:

Email: info@truefleece.co.nz
Phone: (03) 304 8570

Thanks everyone,

Carl and Tori



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